Battle of the Wire Seals: Cable Seal vs Combi Seal

Battle of the Wire Seals: Cable Seal vs Combi Seal
Authored By Sam Ng


Today we are going to look at a head on battle between our 2 most popular wire seals - The Cable Seal 2.5 vs Combi Seal 1.8L. Depending on your requirement, each seal has specific features that will suit your application. 

Firstly, let's compare the specifications:


Both the Cable Seal 2.5 and Combi Seal 1.8L can be customised according to your specific design. Wire length can also be customised based on your requirement. 

Click on the links below to visit the Product Page for each seal:

Cable Seal 2.5 - Click HERE                          Combi Seal 1.8L - Click HERE

Contact Seals HQ today and speak with one of our Product Specialists regarding your Cable seal requirement. You can contact us using any of the below:

i) Email our Product Specialists at
ii) Talk to our Product Specialists at 1300 920 778
iii) Leave a message on our contact form and our Product Specialist will respond

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