How to Custom Design your Security Tapes and Labels

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Do a search for 'Tamper Evident Labels' now on Alibaba and you'll be presented with over 100 pages of suppliers peddling their labels. Perform another search for 'Tamper Evident Tape' and again you are presented with over 100 pages of suppliers selling generic tamper evident security tapes. 

Why was the above exercise necessary? It's to prove to you that having a generic tamper evident label or tape is just not good enough - anyone can buy labels off online marketplaces and gain the ability to remove and replace your label without ever being noticed. 

This is where Custom Designed Tamper Evident Security Tapes and Labels greatly increases security in your operations. Whether you are securing pallets, boxes, envelopes, satchels, doors and crates, applying custom designed tamper evident labels or tapes deters pilferage or sabotage because it is unique and not readily available. 


So now you've decided to start custom designing your tamper evident security tapes and labels. However, majority of the suppliers require a large order (usually a minimum of 250 rolls of tape or 10,000 labels) before they even consider your order. Furthermore, suppliers will charge a fee to fabricate a printing plate to be able to print your customised artwork. 

This is where Seals HQ can help you. Our Minimum Order Quantity for custom designed tamper evident security tapes starts at 100 rolls and 5,000 labels for custom designed security labels. Furthermore, printing plates are provided free-of-charge

What is the next step? Contact Seals HQ and our Product Specialist will assist you to:

1) Decide the size and shape that is most suitable for your application.
2) Decide the colour of your custom designed tamper evident security tape or label.
3) Design the artwork - logos, text, barcode or serial number.

Here are some templates that might inspire you:


Contact Seals HQ using one of the methods below to begin the process of custom designing your tamper evident security tapes and labels:

1) Send us an online enquiry -

2) Send an email to

3) Call us at 1300 920 778