Tamper Evident Labels

Authored By Seals HQ

Tamper Evident Labels are a cost effective yet powerful deterrent to theft and relabelling. They are made using destructible materials that destructs when the labels are removed. Tamper evident labels helps to secure the authenticity and integrity of products as they can be printed with serial numbers, customised messages and generic ‘void’ messages upon removal. 

Tamper evident labels are used in many industries including food packaging, chemical labelling, pharmaceutical & healthcare, transport & logistics and wine. 

For the food industries, fresh foods are typically stored in cold rooms below 5 degrees.  Our tamper evident labels remain agile even in those temperatures

Depending on usage, aesthetic and branding requirements of our customers, tamper evident labels comes in 3 forms; Non-Transfer, Partial Transfer and Total Transfer.  The main difference being the amount of residue or markings left upon removal of the label.  Visual representation of the labels can be found here.

The labels markings and size can be customised according to our customer’s requirements.  For high volume labelling requirements, a turnkey solution incorporating automatic machine labellers can be provided.    

Please feel free to get in touch with us on 1300 920 778 or sales@sealshq.com.au to discuss best practises or any other queries, we are happy to help. 


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