Light Duty 215 (Custom Design)
Light Duty 215 (Custom Design)
Light Duty 215 (Custom Design)
Light Duty 215 (Custom Design)
Light Duty 215 (Custom Design)

Light Duty 215 (Custom Design)

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Product: Light Duty 215 (Custom Design)

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Economical Adjustable Length Indicative Security Seal with Locking Length of 215mm and Tear Off feature. Price per 100 and 1,000.


Lightweight and secure plastic security seal with tear-off feature for easy removal.


• Easy to use for all applications with small sealing facilities
• Tear-off feature enables easy removal without needing tools
• Security stopper at the end of the tail prevents reverse locking
• Heat staking technology to secure the locking chamber
• 4-sided plastic locking teeth that provides greater security
• 3mm round locking strap that provides flexibility and durability
• Laser etched markings with unique Serial Number and Barcode

Download the datasheet by clicking HERE

Quick 24-hour Turnaround Time. Add your company logo, barcodes, custom text and graphics to your Light Duty 215 Security Seals.

Technical Specs
 Tensile Strength 25.0 kgs
 Body Polypropylene
 Locking Spring Metal Plate
 Total Length / Locking Length 215mm / 105mm

Customisation Options

• Customer name and corporate logo
• Customised text and artwork
• Up to 13 digits variable numbering
• 2D / QR technology barcode