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You have just finished loading your truck and now it’s time to apply security seals to the tautliner buckles to secure your truck. Standard operating procedure states that a total of 10 seals need to be applied – 5 on each side of the truck, and the serial numbers must be recorded onto the paperwork as an audit trail. Going from seal to seal, you start writing down 534901, 534902, 534903, 534904… 534910.

Recording multiple serial numbers on a single application leads to:

  • High probability of human error – serial numbers might be recorded incorrectly;
  • Time wastage – 5 seconds to write down 1 serial number. 10 seals = 50 seconds;
  • Labour wastage – Shouldn’t the employee be spending their time doing something more productive?
  • Confusion – At the destination, multiple serial numbers must be matched to the paperwork to ensure that the seals are intact.

Another scenario might be applying security seals to intermediate bulk containers (IBC). Usually 2 seals are applied on a single IBC. Hence, each record of sealed IBCs will have 2 serial numbers against that record.

What if Seals HQ told you there is a better way?

Seals HQ can customise the serial numbers on our security seals to suit any configuration of applications. Rather than supplying seals with individual serial numbers, Seals HQ is able to supply seals in sets of multiple quantities.

Take the scenario that was presented at the beginning of this post. Seals HQ will provide sets of 10 seals with the same serial number. Hence, the 4 risks are averted as only 1 serial number needs to be recorded, resulting in time and resource saving while reducing the risk of human error. Checking the serial numbers at the destination will also be quicker as there is only 1 number that needs to be matched to all 10 seals.

This is just one of the many innovative methods where Seals HQ helps our clients increase efficiency and accuracy in their respective processes. Talk to one of our specialists today to discuss how Seals HQ can help you too! Contacting us is very easy:

  • Chat with us using our online chat tool, or
  • Email us at, or
  • Call us at 1300 920 778


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