Security Seals Best Practises

Authored By Seals HQ

For a security seal to be effective, on top of quality of the seal, it is essential to have integrity at the beginning and end point of use and plan for continuous supply.

Receiving your security seals

  • Inspect your seals on receipt. Your custom markings (if applicable) and unique serial numbers are important to the integrity of the seal.  This includes the quantity, type, colour, markings and serial numbers. 
  • Note any errors or discrepancy and report it as soon as possible to our office

Security seal inventory

  • Keep seals in a secure place
  • Limit access to appointed individual or department.
  • Document the release of all seals and its unique serial numbers.
  • Determine rate of use and plan a re-order date at least six weeks prior to depletion of stock. 

Inventory, handling and use of security seals:

  • Keep seals in a secure place and limit access to authorized individuals or department only
  • Know the locking procedure, design and features of the seal
  • Document the release of all seals
  • Apply seals securely according to instructions. Note any problems or unusual visible damage and inform us as soon as possible.
  • Destroy seals completely after use. To prevent sabotage, do not leave any cut seals intact.

 Security seal inspection

  • Inspect seals at locking point and at destination, confirming seal integrity and serial number before cutting.
  • Inspect the locked seal prior to handling over control of a locked seal to another company
  • For seals in long time use i.e. our Roto Seals on utility meters, schedule periodic inspections to visually check integrity of seal and confirm serial number matches original documentation
  • Replace the seal immediately if any signs of tampering or defects appear that’s beyond normal wear and tear.

 Keeping Records:

All internal documentation on security seals should contain the following details:

  • Security seal applied and locked – documentation to include serial number, issue date, issuer details i.e. name/ department and location seal has been applied.
  • Security seal removed – matching serial number to original documentation, date and location seal has been cut. At times, this could be a transit or a final destination.  We have customers who would apply a new seal at different transit points.

Please feel free to get in touch with us on 1300 920 778 or to discuss best practises or any other queries, we are happy to help. 

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