Security Seals for Irrigation and Water Conservation

Security Seals for Irrigation and Water Conservation

Australia Drought Map

Australia is experiencing one of its most severe droughts on record, resulting in desperate water shortages across large parts of New South Wales and southern Queensland. The latest report by the Bureau of Meteorology issued on 5 September 2019 focused on these key points:

  • Rainfall in the past 17 months has been below average over much of New South Wales, southern Queensland, northern and eastern Victoria, South Australia and northern Tasmania
  • Rainfall deficiencies generally persist with little change in affected areas
  • Long-term rainfall deficiencies, record-low for some periods, continue to severely limit water resources across the Murray-Darling Basin
  • Root-zone soil moisture was below average for August for most of Australia
  • Water storages in the Northern Murray-Darling Basin is extremely low, with no meaningful inflows during August
  • Below average winter filling season for water storages in the Southern Basin for the third year in a row

As water is the main necessity of life, it has become imperative that all measures are taken to secure this precious resource. However, there are cases of unscrupulous behaviour where offenders have been caught in acts of water theft. Water theft comes in many forms, mainly taking water without an access license or tampering with water meters. This is where Seals HQ’s expertise can help you.


Our range of Meter Seals are designed to be easy to apply, resistant to UV and water exposure. Our Rotor Seals, Cable Seals and Combi Seals can be applied without any tools and can only be removed with a wire cutter. Optional features include:

  • Stainless Steel wire or plastic-coated wire ensures that the wire does not rust.
  • Customisable wire length to suit any meters.
  • Custom design available to include your company logo, text and a unique serial number.
  • Contractor ID numbers can be marked on the seal to identify which contractor installed that meter and security seal.

Contact us via one of the following methods to discuss your options with our Product Specialists:

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