Stay Out Of My Food!!

Stay Out Of My Food!!
Authored By Seals HQ

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With the recent directive by the Australian Government to all restaurants to only allow takeaway or home delivery services, the urgency surrounding food safety is becoming apparent. 

Food Safety - Delivery Drivers Tamper With Food

The above are just 2 examples of delivery partners being caught eating / tampering with the food they have been entrusted to deliver. Are you certain that the food you have just received has not had intrusive fingers in them? What guarantees do we have that a delivery partner having a bad day has not just spit into your food? 

A simple yet very effective solution would be the implementation of Tamper Evident Security Labels / Tapes on all food packaging. A restaurant packing a bag of food can easily apply a label on the bag (as shown below). Any attempt to reach the contents will result in the tape being tampered and leaving a very clear VOID message on the bag:

Food Safety Tamper Evident

The solution is cost effective yet provides maximum security in ensuring that your food that you're going to consume has not been tasted or tampered with during transit. 

The implementation of tamper evident security in food delivery forces accountability in the time unaccounted for during transit. This is a simple yet effective method to ensure that your food is delivered to you exactly as how the restaurant intended the food to be - fresh and ready to be enjoyed. 

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