The Role of Tamper Evident Security in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The Role of Tamper Evident Security in the Pharmaceutical Industry

In 2018, the top 10 Pharmaceutical Manufacturers achieved a combined sales of $412.52 billion dollars [*1]. Obviously the pharmaceutical industry is a lucrative yet important industry that contributes to the welfare of the general public. 

Many pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors have implemented methods to secure their:

  • Raw Material
  • Work-in-Progress (WIP) goods
  • Packaging
  • Distribution Network

In this post, Seals HQ will look at what type of Tamper Evident Security Solutions are suitable for each of the stages above. 


Whether you store your raw materials in IBCs, Storage Tanks, Roll Cages or Crates, securing raw material is the first step in ensuring that the final product is not compromised. 


Whether it is goods waiting for packaging or additional production process, it is imperative to ensure that WIP material is not compromised. 



Finished Goods are equally important to secure. Whether it is to protect against pilferage or attempts of sabotage, securing finished goods is important to maintain product integrity.


Whether your goods are distributed locally or exported, ensuring security along the distribution network ensures that product integrity is maintained. Security seals are used to secure pallets, trucks and shipping containers to protect against any attempts of pilferage or sabotage. 


We offer customers the ability to custom design your Security Seals, Labels and Tapes. We also offer a Stock Management Program that ensures continuity of supply without requiring customers to hold stock. 

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