Biodegradable Currency Bag

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Bag size: 200.0mm x 300.0mm. Biodegradable Clear One Time Use Tamper Evident Bag. Level 4 security detects Heat / Freon / Water attacks.


Biodegradable Currency Bag Clear Tamper Evident Security One-Time Use Bags designed for a wide range of applications. 

Features a cash breakdown panel to record contents. 

Size: 200.0mm x 300.0mm (including Tear-Off Receipt)
Thickness: 60um
Security: Level 4


Seals HQ Cash & Valuables Tamper Evident Security Bags are manufactured with co-extruded clear film and offers Level 4 tamper-evident security closure. Level 4 security closure is designed to provide visual tamper evidence against heat, freon and water tampering.

The picture below shows the main features of Seals HQ Cash & Valuables Tamper Evident Security Bag:

Seals HQ CAV A4 Clear Bag Features

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    Technical Specs
     Inner Dimension 207.0mm x 290.0mm
     Outer Dimension 200.0mm x 300.0mm
     Material LDPE
     Security Level Level 4 - Heat / Freon / Water Detection
    Serial Number Dual Serial Number 



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