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Durable and High Quality Mylar Bags. Available in 3 different sizes. Optional Oxygen Absorbers available. 


Mylar Bag Features include:

  • Protective Mylar Bag film protects contents from deterioration due to light, oxygen and moisture
  • 110 micron (0.11mm) thickness (or 4.3 mil) is thick enough for long term storage but pliable enough to be safe to handle and conform to the bag’s contents
  • BPA-free
  • Pack of 50 Mylar bags
  • Resealable mechanism provides convenience for packing, and for when items are in use
  • Tear notch allowing easy access to contents
  • Ideal for preserving food such as flour, coffee, oats, jerky, noodles and more
  • Can also be used to preserve photographs, certificates, screws and jewellery, any non-food item that can deteriorate from exposure to oxygen and light

Why use Mylar Bags

Mylar Bags are the ideal companion when wishing to store food long term. The material has a high tensile strength, is flexible and exhibits isolating barrier properties.  

High tensile strength. Mylar is strong. When filling and sealing bags, there is little risk they will tear due to the bags weight or contents. They are also highly durable and resistant to punctures.

Light and flexible. Mylar Bags are pliable and able to conform to its contents and able to collapse when oxygen is removed.

Sealable.  Mylar provides an effective non-porous barrier to the outside elements. Isolating the contents from oxygen, humidity and light exposure are key to ensuring the longevity of the contents. 

Mylar Bags offer a cost effective, easy to use solution for preserving your items. 

Use with Oxygen Absorbers

Before sealing your Mylar Bag, it is important to add oxygen absorbers to the contents of the bag. Oxygen Absorbers or scavengers remove the oxygen from the void of the Mylar Bag.

Removing oxygen from the Mylar Bag extends the shelf life of the Mylar Bag contents. Damage from the effects of oxygen can present in the form of changes to flavour, colour, smell, texture, mould and spoilage.

Oxygen Absorbers trap oxygen. Given that air comprises 20% oxygen and 80% nitrogen, the absorber will remove the 20% of the atmosphere that is oxygen. The volume of nitrogen remaining results in the bag deflating though not to the extent the bag becomes hard or rigid.  

How do I heat seal Mylar Bags? 

Firstly, fill each bag using a scoop or funnel and pack the bag as full as possible. Remember to leave some room for cutting and resealing your bag again if you were to re-use your Mylar Bag by leaving approximately 10cm to 12cm of room from the top. Push as much air out of the bag as you prepare to seal your Mylar Bag. Add in Oxygen Absorbers. 

Vacuum Sealer: This is an easy method of sealing/resealing Mylar Bags. If using oxygen absorbers there is no need to vacuum seal, simply switch off the vacuum pump and use the sealing feature. Heat-sealing is still necessary. After sealing with vacuum sealer it is recommended you use hair-straightening iron or household iron to heat seal Mylar Bag. 

Impulse Sealer: This is a commercial sealing option which can be expensive but the easiest way to heat seal Mylar Bags. 

Hair Straightening Iron: If you are using a hair straightening iron use the highest heat setting. Push out as much air as possible from the Mylar Bag and begin sealing as close to the food as possible, clamping down on the iron for 2 seconds (or longer if needed). Seal almost all the way but not completely. Drop Oxygen Absorber/s into the bag. Now completely seal the Mylar Bag. Repeat the heat-sealing one more time. 

Note, heat sealing a Mylar Bag will trap air in the mylar bag. Inserting oxygen absorbers will trap 20% of the remaining enclosed air. This will not have the effect of vacuuming the bag, or sucking the air out of the space. To achieve this effect a vacuum sealer is required. 

What you can store with Mylar Bags

Any dry, low-fat food can be stored in Mylar Bags.  That means things like dehydrated fruits and veggies, Flour, Grains, Pasta, Sugar, Dried beans, Powdered milk, Cereal and Spices and Herbs are ideal candidates to be stored for greater than 5 years.

Other foods can also be stored in Mylar Bags, however given their moisture and fat content should be rotated through more regularly. See our Mylar Bag Brochure for recommended products and estimated storage times.

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