Non Transfer Security Labels (70.0mm x 30.0mm)

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Leaves Application Surface clean when Label is Removed  l  Choose from 3 Security Designs  l  From 100pcs


Seals HQ's Non Transfer Security Labels are designed to be easy to apply and offers clear visual tamper evidence when the Non Transfer Security Label is peeled off. The label will leave a clear VOID message on the label itself indicating that the Non Transfer Security Label has been tampered with.

The Non Transfer Security Labels are suitable for applications requiring clear visual tamper evidence while keeping the application surface clean. Some examples include sealing safe deposit boxes, first aid kits and reusable packaging material. 

Seals HQ's Non Transfer Security Labels are designed to work both on porous and non-porous surfaces. The Non Transfer Security Labels adheres instantly to the application surface without any need for curing time. 

 Contact Seals HQ at 1300 920 778 or if you require any assistance with our Non Transfer Security Labels. 

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