Security Tape | 50mm wide x 50m

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Total Transfer security tape.  Available in blue.



Versatile Tamper Evident Security Tape designed to be used on both porous and non-porous surfaces. The strong adhesive ensures effective adhesion on any surface, yet is easy to remove. The Secure Tape is highly tamper evident, and leaves a clear visual evidence if the tape has been removed. 

The security tape is supplied in rolls of 50 meters. Easy application via tape gun or by hand.

The security tape uses Total Transfer technology and adheres strongly to both plastic and paper, thus eliminating the need to use 2 different security tapes depending on the surface. The security tape guarantees fast bonding and leaves heavy residue on the surface as a clear visual evidence that the tape has been removed partially or completely at some point of time. 

Download the datasheet by clicking HERE

Seals HQ Continuous Security Tape


Technical Specs
 Backing 1 mil Polyester
 Adhesive Agressive hot melt
 Colour Blue
 Size 50.0mm width, 60 meters per roll
 Core 76mm Inner Diameter Core
 Dispensing Tape Gun or by Hand
 Application Temperature 0∞C - 50∞C
 Recommended Storage Temperature 15∞C - 26∞C
 Recommended Storage Humidity 40% - 60%
 Shelf Life 24 months


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