Are you a Known Consignor? Let us help you.

Are you a Known Consignor? Let us help you.

The Australian Government recently launched an initiative called the Known Consignor scheme. The Known Consignor Scheme is for businesses that manufactures and assembles goods to be transported by aircraft as cargo. The Known Consignor scheme has been introduced to streamline the way goods are cleared through Australian borders. Instead of using a Regulated Air Cargo Agent (RACA), the scheme offers businesses an alternative way to meet air cargo security requirements. As a Known Consignor, any international outbound cargo shipped will not require further examination before uplift onto an aircraft.

Known Consignors must be able to meet and maintain a high level of security to ensure cargo is safe to load onto an aircraft. Known Consignors must demonstrate that they have implemented security measures and procedures and can secure their cargo from where it originates until it is handed to another regulated business.

A new initiative has been recently announced whereby beginning 1 March 2019, before outbound international air cargo is uplifted onto an aircraft, it must be examined at piece-level by a RACA under an EACE notice or originate from a Known Consignor.

If you regularly export your products, it would be time consuming and costly to have your consignment checked at piece-level by a RACA. If you have applied and been approved as a Known Consignor, one of the requirements is that you must protect the security of air cargo that originates from your business until the air cargo is provided to another regulated business.

This is where Seals HQ comes in. As a Tamper Evident security specialist, Seals HQ has a wide range of products and solutions that can help you fulfil your Known Consignor obligations.


Seals HQ Secure Packing

Our Security Tapes and Labels are designed to leave clear visual evidence when triggered. The tapes and labels are designed to be robust and eliminate accidental triggering via movement, but sensitive enough to leave a tell-tale sign when the packaging has been tampered with. Our tapes and labels are designed to work on both porous and non-porous surfaces, making it ideal for applications on carton boxes, plastic crates, pallet wrapping and many more. 

Our tapes can be supplied either in a continuous roll of 50 meters, or in a roll of 45 meters with perforated sections of 150mm. 

Large volume users also have the option to customise the tapes and labels to include a custom VOID message, custom size and artwork. 

Click HERE to see our tapes and labels.


Seals HQ Secure Storage and Transportation

Seals HQ has a wide range of plastic and metal security seals that is suitable for all aspects of securing storage and transportation. Whether you're securing a crate, storage cage or even the truck delivering your cargo to the airport, we have a seal for that. 

Click HERE to see some of our security seals designed for securing transportation.

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