Laser Marking vs Everything Else

Laser Marking vs Everything Else

[Part 2 of a 4-part Series on Custom Branding Security Seals]

There are many methods that can be used to brand your Security Seals. There are benefits and disadvantages to certain methods, which we will cover in our article today.

HOT STAMPING - In the old days, the most common method to brand a security seal was a process called hot stamping. A copper block is heated to between 135°C - 150°C and is used to stamp a coloured foil onto the security seal. The heat will transfer the colour from the foil onto the security seal according to the engravings on the copper block.

INKJET PRINTING - Imagine using an inkjet printer and printing dot matrix style markings on the security seal. This is what Inkjet Printing is.

THERMAL TRANSFER - Thermal Transfer printing is an advanced methodology that follows the hot stamping method described earlier. The only difference is that a copper block is no longer needed. The custom design is drawn on a computer and fed to the machine, which will then print the design onto a foil which is then transferred to the security seal using heat.

LASER MARKING - The crème de la crème of methodologies used in branding a security seal. The design is drawn using a computer and fed to the laser marking machine, which then uses mirrors to guide a laser beam to etch a permanent marking on the security seal.

Briefly, here are the benefits and advantages to the various methods listed above:


With more YESSES that Simon Cowell gives out in a typical episode of American Idol, it is obvious that Laser Marking is the best method to brand your security seals.

Seals HQ is committed to bringing the latest and best technology to Australia. We have invested in a Fibre Laser marking machine that is due to be commissioned in the next few months. As far as we know, Seals HQ is the FIRST and ONLY security seal provider in Australia to have our own laser marking machine.

Once the machine is commissioned, Seals HQ will be able to offer branded seals from as low as 100 seals. Follow us to be informed on when the machine is commissioned and watch a video of us christening it by breaking a sacrificial bottle of champagne over the machine as it is named aloud and launched (We won't actually do that - the champagne will break the machine, but we'll still officially commission the machine).

If you would like to discuss branding on your security seals, please contact Seals HQ using one of the methods below. One of our team members will contact you to discuss what Seals HQ can do for you.

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This is Part 2 of a 4-part series on Custom Branding Security Seals. Follow Seals HQ on LinkedIn to stay updated as we release our articles.

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