Why should you brand your Security Seals?

Why should you brand your Security Seals?

[Part 1 of a 4-part Series on Custom Branding Security Seals]

One question every team member at Seals HQ is trained to ask our clients is - "Would you like to custom design the printing on your seal?"

Why does Seals HQ encourage our clients to custom design the printing on their security seals? To be honest, custom printing a seal requires a lot of planning on our end. We have to draft the artwork, get customer approval, get the factory to mark an actual sample, send to the customer for final approval, plan production, juggle shipments to ensure continuity of supply... Why don't we take a shortcut and just convince our clients to go for stock standard seals with no branding and just a serial number?

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If you perform a simple search of the term "security seals" on Alibaba, one of the world's largest marketplace, the platform will return 19,475 results. Most of the security seals offered are hard to differentiate, especially to a lay-person who does not handle security seals on a daily basis.

How then can a company that values security confidently say that the seal they are using is genuinely unique, and not a stock standard seal that anyone can obtain a copy of? How sure are you that the security seal that arrived on a container from overseas is genuine and not a copy that has replaced the original seal on the container?

By adding a custom design on the security seal, you are eliminating the opportunity for anyone to break your seal, steal / sabotage the contents and replace the seal with a copy.

Furthermore, security seals nowadays play an important role in a company's brand awareness. As more and more businesses include security seals in their operations and packaging, the custom design featured on the security seals a proof of their commitment to security.

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Custom Designing the printing on your security seal might include Company Logo / Barcode (Linear and 2D) / Custom Text / Serial Number / Custom Colour / Hot Stamped Writing Panels

Seals HQ supplies a large range of security seals, and custom design options varies from one security seal to another. If you have a requirement to custom design the printing on your security seal, or would like to discuss options available to you, please contact Seals HQ using one of the methods below. One of our team members will contact you to discuss what Seals HQ can do for you.

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  2. Send us an email at sales@sealshq.com.au
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This is Part 1 of a 4-part series on Custom Branding Security Seals. Follow Seals HQ on LinkedIn to stay updated as we release our articles.

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