What is a Level 4 Tamper Evident Bag?

What is a Level 4 Tamper Evident Bag?

Single Trip Security Tamper Evident Bags (STEB) are designed to secure contents in the bag and provide indisputable evidence when the STEB has been tampered. Common commodities secured in STEB are high value items such as cash and valuables and in recent years have expanded to examination papers, biological specimens and many more.

You will often hear STEB providers referring to the security level of the STEB between Level 1 - Level 4. Generally as the levels increased, so does the security features of the STEB especially the type of tamper evident tape is used on the bag. Level 1 tape is just a hot melt glue usually found on courier satchels. Level 4 tape (highest level) offers improved features including detection of tampering using liquids and solvents, heat and freon.

A well designed STEB must have some important features that will prevent any attempt of tampering, or will show clearly when a tampering has taken place. Some common methods of tampering a STEB might be:

  • Usage of solvents to dilute the adhesive on the security tape
  • Usage of heat to soften the adhesive and allow opening the STEB without triggering the tape
  • Usage of freon to freeze the adhesive and allow opening the STEB without triggering the tape
  • Cutting the edges of the STEB to access the contents and re-welding the bag
  • Tearing the security tape off the STEB and replacing with an identical security tape

A well-designed STEB should possess some of the features below:

Seals HQ Level 4 Security Bag

Custom designs are also very useful when increasing the security features of your STEB. An example would be that we have had clients printing serial numbers on both sides of the STEB. Writing panels can also be printed with a white background to make writing on the bags easier and improve legibility.

If you are a STEB user and unsure of whether the STEB is secure or suitable for your application, contact Seals HQ today and we can assist to assess your current STEB. Contact us via one of the following methods:

Email: sales@sealshq.com.au      Call: 1300 920 778      Web: www.sealshq.com.au

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