Biodegradable Security One Time Use Bags now IN STOCK!

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As of 1st January 2021, Seals HQ is able to provide Biodegradable One Time Use Security Bags as a standard product. The Biodegradable One Time Use Security Bags come in 3 sizes:

Click HERE for A3 Size - 320.0mm x 495.0mm (Including Tear Off Receipt)

Click HERE for A4 Size - 230.0mm x 375.0mm (Including Tear Off Receipt)

Click HERE for A5 Size - 170.0mm x 285.0mm (Including Tear Off Receipt)

We have also maintained the same pricing between our Biodegradable and non-Biodegradable One Time Use Security Bags. 

Seals HQ's Biodegradable Security Tamper Evident Bags combines our innovative and secure Security Tamper Evident Bags with Biodegradability. 

Top 7 Environmentally Friendly Features of Biodegradable Security Tamper Evident Bags

Some of the environmentally friendly features of our Biodegradable Security Tamper Evident Bags are:

  1. Evaluated and tested in accordance to oxo-biodegradable standards, including ASTM D 6954-04, British Standard 8472 and UAE Standard 2009: 5009;
  2. Will degrade within 24 to 36 months when disposed of in a landfill or soil in the presence of oxygen, heat and stress;
  3. Doesn't start the biodegradation process while on the shelf;
  4. Photo-degradation tested in accordance with ASTM D5208;
  5. Not formulated with heavy metals including lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, selenium, barium, chromium, nickel, antimony and silver, and are in compliance with CONEG regulations;
  6. Complies with Federal, Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FDA) and the European Union Regulation EU No10/2011 on food contact plastic materials.
  7. Ecotoxicity testing verifies that there are no residuals left such as metabolites, un-degraded components and inorganic components which exert a negative influence on plant growth, earthworms or freshwater organisms. 

All Seals HQ Biodegradable Security Bags still maintain its security features and are suitable for protecting high value assets. The Biodegradable Security Bags are highly customisable and features our standard security features as shown below:

Seals HQ Biodegradable Security Bag


To know more about Biodegradable Security Tamper Evident Tape, contact us using one of the methods below:

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