Seals HQ launches Gamma / ETO / Steam Compatible Sterilisation Pouches

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Seals HQ has recently launched 2 new Sterilisation Pouches under our Special Packaging category. 

Seals HQ Sterilisation Pouches

We provide 2 types of Sterilisation Pouches:

1) PP / PET Film with Medical Grade Paper - Suitable for Steam and Ethylene Oxide sterilisation method

2) PE / PET Film with Medical Grade Paper - Suitable for Ethylene Oxide and Gamma sterilisation method

Both types of sterilisation pouches can be supplied either with self-sealing or heat sealing formats. We also offer clients the option to customise the Sterilisation Pouch with their own artwork to include logos, TGA registration numbers, CE certification numbers etc, usage instructions etc. 

Our Sterilisation Pouches are manufactured in an ISO13485 certified facility in clean room conditions. Our Sterilisation Pouches are also CE-certified. 

Contact Seals HQ using one of the methods below to discuss how we can assist you with your Sterilisation Pouches! 

1) Call us at 1300 920 778
2) Email us at
3) Fill out our simple CONTACT US form